Adjust Settings For Story Reactions Method (Mass Viewing, Likes, Poll Voting, Quizzes, Etc) | Explaining Basic vs. Advanced Algorithm For Mass Liking | GramCreeper AI Mass Liking Instagram Bot Tool | Personal Brand Tools

πŸ“š Training for GramCreepr AI πŸ“š

🟠 Configuring Story Interactions πŸ”„

Next, decide what types of responses you want to use:

First, let me explain and break down the different types of things we interact with:

1. Polls πŸ—³οΈ

  - For example, when someone has a poll asking if followers prefer coffee or tea in the morning. β˜•οΈπŸ΅

2. Poll sliders πŸ“Š

  - For instance, when someone uses a slider poll rating how much your followers enjoy a particular post or product. πŸ’―

3. Quizzes ❓

  - When someone ask a question with a correct or incorrect answer such as a trivia quiz about your brand or product. 🧠

4. Countdowns⏳

  - When someone uses a E.g., a countdown with a tap to be reminded function for a product launch or a special event. πŸš€

5. ResponsesπŸ’¬

  - For example when someone says "ask me a question" with response box for followers to submit their thoughts or questions. We avoid using this unless you are creative with your reponse and can make it look authentic. No spam replies or promotional replies are allowed here or we will deactivate your accountπŸ“

You can also adjust the frequency of interactions with the same user during a mass vote. ⏱️

🟠 Mass Auto-Story Viewing and Mass Liking πŸ‘€β€οΈ

The tool offers two types of story liking algorithms: Basic and Advanced.

1. Mass Viewing πŸ‘₯

  - For instance, you can set GramCreepr AI to view multiple stories at once to increase engagement. πŸ“ˆ

2. Liking Stories πŸ‘

  - You can have the tool automatically like stories based on specific criteria, such as hashtags or locations. πŸ“

Basic Algorithm: This algorithm simply likes a story and moves on, pausing only when the story like delay hasn't expired. πŸ”„

- For example, if you set the delay to 5 minutes, the algorithm will pause after liking a story and wait for 5 minutes before moving on to the next. ⏲️

Advanced Algorithm This algorithm likes a story and then pauses all automation until the story like delay has expired. Use this algorithm for tasks that only involve story likes. It will process all detected stories but may slow down other types of actions. You can use this algorithm with the other features if you value authenticity and looking realistic more than speed of interactions. This is because this setting views the entire story all the way through in the same way it would be if you tapped through each swipe. Basic does not and it interacts with stories in the same way it would as if someone DM'd you a story and then you liked it. That person who posted it would see you only viewed one of there swipes and liked it but did not view the entire story.


- For instance, if you have a campaign that targets only story likes, this algorithm would be the most suitable. 🎯

🟠3. Liking Highlighted StoriesπŸ”¦

You can also set the frequency of interactions with the same user during mass story liking. ⏱️

- For example, if you don't want to overwhelm a user with too many likes, you can set a limit to how often the tool interacts with the same user. 🏷️ We recommend making this 14-30 days. 30 is the default.

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