Follow These Growth Hacks To Optimize For Maximum Engagement Growth On Your Page While Using The Massviewing Auto-Story Liker From GramCreeper AI | 2023 Strategy

Growth Hacks Optimize Your Account For Conversions During Your First 2 Weeks (Before Adding Niche-Based Targets)

First, you'll need to identify the audience you want to engage with.

Follow These Strategies For Maximal Growth:

  • ONLY add 5 new targets every 48 hours until you hit the max limit if you have less than 50K followers.

  • Add 10 new targets every 48 hours until you hit the max limit if you have more than 50K followers.

  • If you have chatbots like manychat, spend a lot of money on ads or spend 5 hours + a day on the app with heavy DM engagement - you can add in 10 targets every 24 hours until you hit the max limit.

  • Every 14-21 Days - Remove 90% of your targets and add news one based on accounts that are similar to your highest performing targets. Laser in on your targeting and double down on the ones that produce the most results will allow you to gradually increase your daily followers with less actions over time.

  • Always add your own username, any possible brand pages you own, the people you have the most mutuals with and the Explore (Default page) & Explore likes (Default page) as targets

  • Do not target followers until month 3. You need to build up your account first.

  • The best targets to add months 1 to month 3 are People (Likers).

  • Add activity times that match your sleep schedule

  • Add locations near your home, add locations that you frequently visit or have geotagged on Instagram before (Example: you live in new york/new jersey - then you would add these)

  • Add hashtags in your niche that are smaller and have less than 1M hashtag uses.

  • Make your instagram bio look super clean to maximize followers (examples: @jetset @patrickbetdavid @theblondejon @danfleyshman @grantcardone)

  • Make your profile photo bright and stand out to get more follower conversions (examples: @jayshetty @garyvee @jetset)

  • Pin your 3 best pieces of content to your page to maximize followers (choose based on saves/shares stats)

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