Run These Targeting Settings For First 10-14 Days To Ramp Up Accounts

Targeting instructions for configuring and using the GramCreeper AI Auto-Story Interactor Tool.

🟠 Setting Your Auto-Pilot Targeting Preferences ON for Days 1-10+

1st: Click the blue smiley face icon that says "Auto-Creeper"

2nd: Click on your profile listed on the left side of the screen. It will look like this but it won't be on yet.

3rd: Verify you have the requirements met. If not sure, please refer to last training module.

4th: Simply check the 'Enable' box under Auto-pilot, Then set it from deactive to active. Hit save & you're good to go. Let it run with these settings for about 10-14 days and then come back and you will be able to safely add more targets.

Then hit the "save" button

Urgent PSA: Day 1 to Day 10:



That is it.

Let your page warm-up on auto-pilot mode for the first 10-14 days.

What is auto-pilot mode?

Auto-pilot mode uses pre-defined well-configured settings for the automation allowing you the ability to save time and skip task setup while still producing great results thanks to our AI.

GramCreeper brings targeted viewers within your niche, to your Instagram daily. Using AI machine learning, it identifies potential followers based on shared interests and past results. Watch your follower count grow with each account interaction.

After 10-14 days, your account will have expanded the default action limits and increased your overall profile trust score. This means that you will now be able to do more reactions (therefore getting more engagement and followers), but with less risk compared to prior before. As your trust score goes up, your account will become more and more powerful - which allows you to target more accounts and do more actions.

After 10-14 days if you want to turn off auto-pilot mode and go ahead and turn on personalized fully customized targeting settings, you may do so.

What happens after 10-14 days?

The next module will unlock after 10 days and will teach you the most effective way to do targeting that will allow you to scale and grow your page the quickest and safest while also amounting to many likes, DMs, shares & new relationship building opportunities.

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