I Signed Up For GramCreeper AI. Now What? | STEP 1: Connecting Your IG Profile To Software

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How to Set Up Your GramCreeper AI Auto-Story Interactor Tool Account

This guide provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to sign up and add your Instagram account to the GramCreeper AI Auto-Story Interactor Tool.

Step-by-step Instructions

1. **Access GramCreeper AI Auto-Story Interactor Tool:** Open your preferred web browser and navigate to the GramCreeper AI Auto-Story Interactor Tool website. Ensure to use this link: https://gramcreeper.engageneer.com

2. **Navigate to the Accounts Section:** On the GramCreeper AI Auto-Story Interactor Tool's user interface, locate and click on the Instagram icon. This action will direct you to the 'Accounts' section where you can manage your linked Instagram accounts.

3. **Add New Instagram Account:** Locate and click the 'New Account' button to initiate the process of adding your Instagram account.

4. **Enter Instagram Credentials:** In the provided fields, input your Instagram username and password.

5. **Choose 'Back-Up' Code Verification Method:** Select your 'back-up codes' for account verification method – it is the easiest, quickest and safest.

This will require you to have 2-factor authentication turned on your instagram. So please go to Meta Account Center and set this up ahead of time.

Once you have your 2-factor set up - you will see a new tap appear inside your account center password settings. It will say "Additional Methods".

Click on additional methods, then click Back-Up codes and screenshot these codes.

Optional: Log out of any possible other locations your account shows logged in in the "Where am I logged in?" tab under password & security tab inside Meta Account Center.

7. **Confirm Account Details:** Click on the 'Add Account' button to proceed. Leave the rest of the checkboxes blank as shown in photo.

Note: Keep your Instagram app open with your notifications open, you may get a prompt asking if you tried to login from a different location. This means GramCreeper AI is trying to connect and this is a good sign. Go ahead and click "THIS WAS ME". Sometimes you have to do this multiple times.

After clicking "this was me" you may need to re-load the page to restart the connection process of your IG and Gramcreeper AI. This time it will work smoothly since you have already approved the usage.

8. **Enter Instagram Verification Code:** You should have that screenshot of several 6-8 digit back-up codes from Instagram. Key in this code without including any spaces. For instance, if one of the back-up code is 683 9155, enter it as 68339155. Sometimes it may say wrong code even though it was correct. In this case, reload the page and re-enter your login information and use one of the other back-up codes the second time. It should work now. If not, wait 2 hours and then repeat steps again with a different back-up code.

9. **Finalize Account Addition:** After entering the verification code, click on the 'Confirm' button. If the account details provided are correct, your Instagram account will be successfully linked to the GramCreeper AI Auto-Story Interactor Tool.

*Note:* Instagram's security gate may activate during your first login. If this happens, manually approve the login attempt by accessing Instagram through your web browser.


If you encounter issues while linking your Instagram account, the following steps may help:

- **Link Instagram to Facebook:** If you have not done so already, link your Facebook profile to your Instagram profile. Navigate to Instagram → Settings → Linked accounts → Facebook.

Watch This Video To Learn How To Link Instagram to Facebook!

- **Reset Instagram Password:** Within the Instagram application, tap on "Forgotten password" to receive a link to set a new password. After resetting your password, wait a few hours and then try to reconnect your profile to GramCreeper AI Auto-Story Interactor Tool.

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